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Welcome to the webpage of Kazantzis & Associates L.L.C.

Kazantzis & Associates L.L.C. consists of a team of lawyers and partners established both inside and outside the EU, as well as overseas. We are committed to offering innovative and focused legal advice to our clients by addressing their needs in a case by case fashion. Our team of cross-border lawyers is able to deal with complex legal issues, to support effectively every corporate client and meet its needs with an insightful and value-increasing way. However, regardless of the international nature of a case, the level of its complexity and no matter how many lawyers from multiple jurisdictions are involved in a given case, our Law Firm will be always ensuring to refrain from faceless legal services. That is why our strongest competitive advantage is to establish an interpersonal relationship with clients on the basis of the principles of confidentiality, transparency and solidarity.

Our primary objective is to build upon our strong ties with our clients and partners, preserve our shared values and high standards of work and keep on delivering effective legal results.

Christos Kazantzis – Founding